A Healthy Life, A Healthy Life

If you really want to have your body in the greatest possible shape, it is of the utmost importance to entertain a healthy diet.

They say that you are what you eat. If that is true, then you definitely want to eat healthy. You want to consume a bunch of different food. Do not be overly selective of what you can or can not eat. These diets that exclude something completely, like carbs, are not safe for the long term. Likewise, do not do a diet that has you ONLY eating one type of food.

One of the great resources for meal planning is the USDA’s pyramid structure. It is very easy to understand and follow. They also have a very neat feature called “MyPlate”.

To have a great diet every day, you should try to aim for the following:

Grains (6 to 8 helpings)

These are things like pasta, cereal, rice, bread and 3 of those should come from whole grains. One slice of bread is a serving and a cup of cereal is a serving.

Fruits (2 to 4 helpings) and Vegetables (4 to 6 helpings)

Most vegetables and fruits are generally low in fat. They also are a great source of minerals and fibers and vitamins. These help the systems in your body to function at a very high level. Luckily, these gems of the food world also add tons of flavor to otherwise bland dishes. It is highly recommended to have them when fresh, cut up or even steamed (for vegetables).

Avoid unhealthy additions such as mayonnaise and butter. A good healthy food delivery service can greatly help you manage these cravings. 

Cheese, Yogurt Milk (2 to 3 helpings)

Select your dairy consumption item very smartly. Seek reduced fat or fat free milk and cheese. Instead of eating sour cream that is bad for you, use yogurt. Often times you will not even notice the different taste!

Poultry, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Dry Beans and Nuts (2 to 3 helpings)

The most beneficial way to prep these is to broil or bake them. You should search and locate buts that are round or loin because they provide the most lean type. Get rid of all the fat and skin before you cook. To add flavor, you can lightly season them with your favorite herb or spice.

If it seems too hard to go out and find good food and meals to prepare, you definitely need to check out The Healthy Life Company, who will deliver great tasting and healthy meals to your doorstep.

There are other types of food out there where you can get tons of protein without all the bad fats and/or cholesterol. Some of these include great tasting foods like the infamous peanut butter and the lesser known lentils.

Go easy on oils, sweets and fats. You do not have to get rid of them, in fact you should even eat them – but limit them heavily. Do not indulge.

The amount of calories that you should eat during the duration of  a day varies on if you are a male or female, how old you are, your weight, and how often you exercise. Usually a child between two and eight will been fourteen hundred to two thousand calories. Girls are able to consume about two thousand without gaining weight. Guys can eat around 3,000 to keep their weight. If you are not an active person, you can reduce those estimates by about five hundred calories.

Listen to what your body tells you. If you are not hungry, do not eat. If you get up and get hungry again within twenty or so minutes, you can go eat more. However, if you are not, then do not eat. Do not eat more than you need to eat.

The pyramid also highly urges you to exercise. Exercise and eat healthy and you will have a better life.

We hope this article was helpful and that you learned a ton reading it.

Promoting Your Social Visibility

A pro web ranker needs to be on top of their game at all times. There is simply no excuse for not understanding where they need to be at all times. This is the way the world has been, and this is the way the world will remain. Any sense trying to fight it is futile.

A new dawn has arrived and it is called social media. You need to welcome it with open arms or be left in the dust. Another important thing is search engine optimization that many companies have started to employ. This helps with website visibility and traffic. Search engine marketing is extremely important. If you are not doing SEO as a business then your business will be buried by those that are. And if you are one of the few who are actually doing this correctly, you will reap the benefits.

Youtube is an extremely important social media. In fact, they are one of the few properties that actually consists of media – video. Visit the Detroit SEO Youtube page to see an example. Youtube has been hugely important since the early 2000’s, but when Google bought them out for over a billion dollars – the world’s collective jaw dropped. We knew they were worth something, but a billion dollars? Wow.

Equally as jaw dropping is Google’s nemesis, founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Of course I am speaking about Facebook. Take a gander at Detroit SEO Facebook for an example of a great fan page. Facebook exploded early on, and it used to be the little brother of Myspace. Remember Myspace? It was huge – movies used it as their websites. Then all of sudden people tired of Myspace’s immaturity and ran to Facebook.

The newest, most popular kid on the block has to be Twitter. This is now a billion dollar company with a novel idea – short blurbs on what everyone is thinking. This is the closest we will come to reading minds.

While not quite on Twitter’s level, I love Yelp. This is really the destination for reviews on the businesses. Take a look at Detroit SEO Yelp to see an example of one such page. It is a very useful tool.

Some elders will gawk at those who use social media, but once you look past it, you can see how truly useful it can be. Don’t be stuck in the stone age, embrace technology or you will become a relic.

Let’s just hope that technology doesn’t take over – ala Skynet.

Until we speak again, thank you for reading!

Stickers for The Silly

So you just bought a house, congratulations. A house is great because it has all sorts of things, like doors, walls, a single wall, doorknobs, windows and much more. Houses are really great because they are truly a place you can call home.

Like the beat of your favorite song, life goes on. What makes life better than with decoration? Decoration is the spice of life, and we know the perfect thing you can use to decorate. It’s this site called nostalgiadecals.com that is really great for a huge variety of reasons. First of all, the people behind that site are great human beings. This is a small family business, a mom and pop shop that you would be patronizing by shopping there.

So what exactly do they sell? No, they do not sell houses, doors, windows or walls. However, they do sell awesome stickers that you can put on all of those and make them better. These are not just any old stickers either, they are the highest quality vinyl decals that you can possibly find. They are made in the United States of America as well, so you don’t have to worry about being unpatriotic.

Speaking of the patriots, we salute each and every one of you who has laid down their lives on the line for our freedom. You can never be celebrated enough, and often times, you are not. Specifically we like to thank the veterans on holidays like Memorial Day or July 4th or Labor Day. This is a folly, we should celebrate them each and every day. What better way to celebrate them by putting an honorable military decals on your windows or your car. You will be the envy of every single person on the road, whether they are a veteran or not.

Support your friends and family of course, but don’t neglect those you don’t know. It’s a dangerous thing to never speak to strangers, as you will never learn anyone new. We are not all great and honorable people (like Sir Eddard Stark), but we can hope to achieve this same level of commitment to our country with support.  Someday you will learn that the important things in life are free – but freedom is not free. There is a terrible cost for it, and the war for freedom has gone on for years. Since the beginning of time people have tried to control other people, so it truly is magical that we live in a society where we can do pretty much what ever we want.

You should all feel truly blessed to be a part of this great nation, and don’t forget to show your support for the people who made it possible. Remember to keep it real.

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog posts, as I am just a man with an opinion. Hopefully you can spread my message of support through your channels of communication.

Have a great and prosperous day.

Welcome to your new Home

Wow. Can you believe that this is my first post at this website? I have owned this great and honorable website for many years now. To have not utizilized it until this point may be the greatest mistake of my life.

I hope you haven’t been waiting too long for me to come back home. Luckily enough, you are probably searching for your very own home – likely in the great  state of Michigan. Anyway, welcome to the party.

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But the crazy thing is that even if you do not live in the Troy Michigan area there are still great places to live. Don’t confuse the city of Troy with the movie based off the same name (for the Greek God Achilles).

Also, don’t mistake the adjacent city of Birmingham as the other popular “Birmingham”. We here on this website only speak about Birmingham Michigan, and only MI. We love our state and don’t consider other states to be real. Basically, we should be our own country. We do things right. That’s where the saying “Detroit vs Everybody” comes from.

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