Welcome to your new Home

Wow. Can you believe that this is my first post at this website? I have owned this great and honorable website for many years now. To have not utizilized it until this point may be the greatest mistake of my life.

I hope you haven’t been waiting too long for me to come back home. Luckily enough, you are probably searching for your very own home – likely in the great  state of Michigan. Anyway, welcome to the party.

If you were looking to move to this great state of ours, in the Metro Detroit area specifically, then you should check out this video below. They refer the absolute best realtor in the area for your service. Best of all, you pay the realtor NOTHING! Not one penny. They literally work for free for you.

But the crazy thing is that even if you do not live in the Troy Michigan area there are still great places to live. Don’t confuse the city of Troy with the movie based off the same name (for the Greek God Achilles).

Also, don’t mistake the adjacent city of Birmingham as the other popular “Birmingham”. We here on this website only speak about Birmingham Michigan, and only MI. We love our state and don’t consider other states to be real. Basically, we should be our own country. We do things right. That’s where the saying “Detroit vs Everybody” comes from.

I do not want to spend this first post rambling. If you are looking for real estate properties in this area, such as condos or home for sale, you need yourself a good realtor. The best is a realtor Birmingham Michigan man that wants to help you.

Think about where you want to live for the rest of your life. Decisions at this stage in your life are critical. Buy a home, sell a home and move on with your life. This will affect you forever. Make the right choice and hire a real estate agent in Michigan. Near Detroit is probably the best bet – but don’t buy a house in that city. At least not yet. Wait a few years for Detroit to make its long awaited comeback.